June 3, 2023
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The wholesale toy market in the USA is a flourishing industry, and many companies are competing to become the best wholesale toy market in the country. The demand for toys is increasing daily, and companies are popping up in every corner of the country. The top 5 USA wholesale toys suppliers are given below.

  1. Wholesale Toys USA

Wholesaletoysusa is the most successful USA wholesale toys supplier. The company owes most of its success to its exemplary quality of products and fantastic customer service. Wholesale Toys USA keeps the quality of products high, regardless of the quantity ordered by the customer. They have a strict checking policy where they check the product entirely from production till it’s shipped out to the customer. Wholesale Toys USA offers the most reasonable prices in the market as they save a lot of expenditure in shipping expenses. Their customer service is top-notch because they instantly solve and reimburse customers if they face any issues. Their collection includes plush, electronic, wooden, and educational toys.

  • Fun Express

Fun Express is another top USA wholesale toys supplier that supplies toys to retailers and franchises. The company has 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space, making it one of the largest wholesale toy suppliers in the country. Fun express designs its toys and has a unique collection. Their collection includes more than 23 categories, with glow-in-the-dark and flying toys among the top sellers. The company is always open to suggestions and provides a platform for creators to submit their designs, after which they send the toy into production.

  • Shepherd

Shepherd is the longest-running wholesale toy supplier in the USA. Since 1945, this family-owned business has grown and expanded into the country. The company provides a significant assertion of toys to select from, with action figures, dolls, and puzzles being the most popular categories. Shepherd is a very successful business and owes its success to its excellent customer service. The company has maintained good relations with retailers for the last 75 years, and its professionality is to be given credit for gaining customer loyalty.

  • BBCW Distributors

BBCW distributors are located in South Florida and are one of the best USA wholesale toys supplier. The company has a specific target audience, specializing in the collectible toys and action figures industry. Its action figures and collectibles are famous all over the USA, and customers from all over the USA regularly order from BBCW. In addition, the company offers warehousing services to other wholesalers and is a logistics provider. BBCW’s primary goal is to provide exemplary customer service and proves it by shipping orders within two to three business days and ensuring that they instantly adhere to customers’ complaints.

  • United Pacific Designs

For the last 30 years, United Pacific Designs has been a leading USA wholesale toys supplier and is still one of the country’s heavyweights in the wholesale toys market. The company provides a wide range of toys, including dolls, wooden toys, and toys used in educating children. United Pacific Design does not sell to individual customers and sells products wholesale only. Selling to warehouses helps the company save on shipping costs, which allows them to sell its toys at lower rates than others. In addition, United Pacific Design has an open-to-all showroom in Vernon, California, where interested customers can visit to explore the variety and quality of products on sale.


The wholesale toys market in the business is broad, with a lot of investment potential. All of the top USA wholesale toys supplier have many qualities in common. They maintain the quality of products even after producing in bulk. The companies function professionally and have exemplary customer service. Amongst the businesses mentioned above, Wholesale Toys USA is the leading USA wholesale toys supplier; however, the others provide dangerous competition.