June 3, 2023

You are likely here because you are a crystal jewelry retailer or seller wondering how to judge the credibility of the crystal wholesale supplier. Starting and building a business rightfully comes with these concerns and leads to one thinking about the factors they can look into before finalizing a wholesale crystals supplier to do business with.

Purchasing bulk crystals is never as effortless as purchasing apparel or shoes as crystals are natural jewels carved out and used for a variety of purposes like making fashion jewelry out of them or making crystal ware or for just selling them as raw and rough crystals used by several people as healing ornaments.

At wholesalecrystalsupplier.com, we understand the importance of wholesale crystals supplier’s credibility and ensure to build a bond based on trust and mutual understanding while keeping our sales practices completely transparent helping the retailers make quick and efficient business decisions.

Let’s read about the factors such as how to determine the quality of jewelry, what payment mode to finalize etc.

1. Certification for a reality check:

Certification of a crystal wholesale supplier regarding the product that they are supplying is very important. Every country has quality control checks that determine whether the product a seller is passing the quality control tests and are good for purchase.

Before signing up with a wholesale crystals supplier, make sure that you ask them and go through their certification and quality control procedures. This grounds the credibility of the product for you.

2. Let the reviews speak for the seller:

No better way to decide the credibility of a seller than the customer reviews and their satisfaction. Always keep in mind to go through the reviews of a wholesale crystals supplier if they have an online site or get in touch with the probable customers if the shop is physical. The reviews will help you narrow down your list and select the right crystal wholesale supplier.

3. Don’t stick to one seller until sure:

Comparing products never hurts especially when you are out looking for bulk shopping from a crystal wholesale supplier as it’s your right to only invest in the best. Before selecting a crystal wholesale supplier, go around looking for several of those and compare and contrast the products from each. You can always request or buy a small sample to do so.

Not only will this help you decide the best crystal wholesale supplier for your business but also gives you a list of potential ones that you may do business with in the future.

4. Stock up and stock well:

Getting into the reselling and retail business means you are dealing with customers at all times who would order a certain crystal or crystal product and you would not want to keep them waiting. Hence, the stock check is essential to determine if the wholesale crystals supplier you are planning to deal with is good enough.

Discuss your stock requirement with the supplier in detail and beforehand, make up your list of the bulk crystals needed. Also, tell your crystal wholesale supplier of the probable quantity of crystals you may keep reordering so they keep themselves stocked hence not hindering your business.

5. Shipping and return policy:

Bulk shopping means low shipping costs and is something you should discuss with your crystal wholesale supplier. The shipping method also determines how safe the product reaches you so sort this out before sealing the deal.

Under uneventful circumstances and if need be to return, make sure you are aware of the crystal wholesale supplier’s return policy. In case the product you get is defective or subpar, you have the right to exchange or get a refund according to the wholesale crystals supplier return policy.